Turmeric & Orange Body Scrub

Turmeric & Orange Body Scrub

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Turmeric is good for discoloration on the skin. This scrub can help with exfoliating dead skin cells and washing them down the drain without leaving your tub oily. Turmeric is said to help bring back the natural color of your skin. If you haven't tried this turmeric body scrub you need to get some. Order for a friend also makes a great gift!

This scrub jar is full so be careful when opening!

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Rice Bran and Coconut Oils, E-wax, Stearic Acid, 
Beeswax, Fragrance and Optiphen.

Directions: Apply to damp to wet skin rub in a circular motion to get best affects. Can be applies on rough and dry skin.

Use caution when exiting tub depending on how you use the product tub may be slippery. 

Not intended for internal use.